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Spring Buds

Welcome to Our Sacred Essence

Spring Willows Retreat ~

The Buddha Barn Loft


Westpoint, Tennessee

The Year of the Yang Wood Dragon

We are excited to announce our third yoga & mindfulness retreat at our homestead in Middle Southern Tennessee.  This retreat is open to all levels of yoga experience as we share time and space together to facilitate a transformative experience.  We would love to have you join us!

This weekend retreat is a wonderful opportunity to join others in our growing community.  Please click on the registration tab to reserve your space.   More information on lodging and places to stay here!

Renew ~ Grow ~ Transform

Tennessee Buddha Barn Loft, a.k.a. Barndo

Over the last year we have put loving attention and intention to renovate the 90 year old barn located on our property.  Our desire was to create a space that is down-to-earth where people can come relax, unwind, rejuvenate, and grow in a loving, authentic, and supportive setting.  The barn was originally built by Mr. Moore who also built the adjacent home @ 842 Waterloo Road ~ which we are in the process of updating to convert to become Soul Spa & Stay by the spring of 2024.


The barn sits in between two converging streams of water ~ one, a creek stemming from Shoal's creek, and the other coming from our Spring which serves as the source of water for 842 and always has a plethora of watercress growing in the late winter.  We believe our spring water (also known as "living water" or "primary water" ~ checkout is a blessing, especially knowing our consciousness, ala Masaru Emoto, can be imprinted into it.  The word "Spring" was chosen as the first name in our farm for this reason, and inspired by the graceful willow trees present on our property, we chose "Willows" for the second part of the name.

The Year of the Yang Wood Dragon

In 2024 (2 + 0 +2 + 4 = 8) we are in an "Eight" year ~ numerology-wise ~ a number of infinity and abundance.
In the Chinese Zodiac calendar, we are in the Year of the Yang Wood Dragon.  The Yang energies of daytime~ growth, mountain, sky, activity coincide well with the Wood element and Dragon zodiac animal.  The wood element is associated with the Spring season, the color green, renewal, growth, health, & creativity.  Wood is represented by trees, plants, & fresh flowers; like a tall mighty tree necessitates staying firmly rooted in the Earth/ Gaia, so must we stay grounded in Mother Earth to grow strong and reach soaring heights. 


The mythical/mystical Dragon animal sign is connected to imperial power with the ability to adapt, gracefully and easily, while maintaining immense power in its capacity to transform and transmute energies. The Wood  Dragon invites us to go within to initiate the balancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine counterparts we each possess.  It invites us to align with the dynamic cycle of energy this year so that we might emerge on a more balanced, steadied platform to evolve into a higher version of ourselves.

From the Sacred Valley of Peru, to the Sacred Waters of Sarasota, Our Sacred Essence looks forward to hosting our next retreat on our Sacred land and homestead in Tennessee.  Nestled in the rural rolling hills of TN, enjoy the opportunity to join others in our growing community as we renew, grow, and transform, individually, and collectively.