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About Us

Jena and Ed connected, initially, through their common interests of Yoga and Young Living Essential Oils, meeting at the inaugural Young Living Yoga Balance Retreat in Lehi, Utah, Spring of 2017.  Ed, Young Living's Senior Global Educator, at the time initiated the retreat,  where Tamara also taught and Gary Young made his last public appearance.  Time would elapse and both came out of prior relationships, reconnecting in May of 2018.  Divinely guided towards one another, Jena and Ed appreciate the gift of sacred union, and sharing their love of holistic health and yoga with the world.  They united in marriage on January 2, 2021 with friends & family joining on beautiful Siesta Key Beach on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida.


Meet the Teachers

Tamara Packer, LMT


Tamara Packer is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Craniosacral Therapist who specializes in Essential Oil application. She was the director of therapies at the NovaVita Wellness Center in Ecuador for six years. It was there that she had the opportunity to study with Gary Young. 


One of the many things she learned from Gary was the Raindrop Technique. She has taught this technique in over 30 countries. She is very passionate about sharing her knowledge to help people help each other.

She loves spending time with her 5 children and 8 grandchildren. She also enjoys studying and learning new things. The Young Living Farms are some of her favorite places to visit.

Jena Dailey, CRHS, LSH

Jena Dailey has always enjoyed a strong connection and love for nature since birth, and has dedicated 20+ years to research and practice of holistic healing arts, natural living, and sacred beauty.  As as a Certified Certified Raindrop Harmonics Specialist & Licensed Spiritual Healer, she also appreciates the extension of being a Gentle Somatic Yoga Teacher,  Regression Hypnosis Facilitator,  & Classical Feng Shui Consultant. 


Jena has a B.S. in Business Communications from Grove City College, PA, and enjoys combining all of her skills into the creation of this website, and more. Jena and Ed married on Siesta Key Beach 1/2/2021 and have permanently relocated to Westpoint, TN with her three sons & 3 cats; she enjoys gardening, outdoor yoga, traveling, the creative arts, and all things sparkly.  Jena is an educator and distributor for Young Living Essential Oils for over a decade, as well as for Richway & Fuji Biomat Co., iTeracare Terahertz Technology, AO Scan Bioresonance, & Healy .  To learn more, please visit to find out more.


Ed Dailey, RN, E500-RYT, RNPA


Ed Dailey has been a nurse for more than 25 years and worked in several clinical settings, including psychiatry, post-surgical, oncology, HIV medicine, integrative medicine, and the operating room.  He is a graduate and faculty member of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) Program, offered by the Urban Zen Foundation, and spent 18 months implementing yoga therapy at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City.  Ed implemented two Integrative therapy programs at Uconn Health Center and Sacred Heart hospital in Destin, Florida.  He has spent almost 20 years exploring the art of yoga with his primary teachers Rodney Yee, Rammanand Patel, and BKS  Iyengar.  Ed has been part of the education team at Young Living since 2011 but took a full-time position as a Senior Global Trainer in April 2015.  He was recently promoted to Director of Global Education.  He is the author of two books and recently completed his third book on cancer care.  He and Jena currently reside in Westpoint, TN on Spring Willows Farm  & Retreat.

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